Designer: Metrica by Bruno Fattorini, Robin Rizzini

Flexible architectural structure that can be used both as a wide parasol and for the creation of articulated covered passageways. The elements are available with both a flat and inclined top covering offering different performances and thus allowing for installation of the Resort in different situations. Structure: aluminium varnished in avorio, grafite, mora, ruggine, sottobosco, oliva or foresta colour; ground support base in moulded cast iron varnished in the same colour of the structure. Top covering: white polyester fabric, Madras, Tamil or Thuia fabric. Notes: With polyester covering, the structure is always matt varnished in avorio colour. Ground support bases colour always matches structure colour. Resort elements can be independently positioned side by side or can be joined together to create large sheltered spaces.  It is possible to build articulated structures with single Resort elements and extensions that are hooked to the main structure and are provided with two further bases. The elements can be connected also through a bridge element that joins them without necessity of further bases. Resort can be freely placed on the ground or can be anchored to bearing surfaces. The covering is fastened to the structure by means of a profile in thermoplastic rubber, that guarantees its prompt release in case of excessive wind load.

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