Embroidery Chair

Designer: Johan Lindsten

A year-long story. That spans a lifetime. Johan Lindstén captures the beauty of the seasons in autumn, winter, spring, and summer sceneries depicted across the backrest of the poetic Embroidery Chair; cross-stitched, the sublime synthesis between traditional embroidery techniques that have been passed down for generations and state-of-the-art industrial technology. The quiet attentiveness of deer in the wild, the playfulness of polar bears, the ephemeral flight of butterflies, the elegant grace of flamingos: stitched with electronic machinery that effectively reproduces the manual cross-stitching technique using wool thread. The structure of the Embroidery Chair is made of ash wood stained in hues that set off the scene; a walnut finish for autumn, bleached wood for spring, black for winter and red for summer. “Scandinavian personality, Italian quality”: these are the words of designer Johan Lindstén to explain the secret behind the success of the Embroidery Chair, a comfortable ergonomic seat that is an enchanting accent to enliven a room. 

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