Designer: Luisa Bocchietto

The idea behind this item of contemporary furniture designed by Luisa Bocchietto was to create a coffee table that could easily be transported from indoors to outdoors and vice versa, patio furniture sets useful for supporting various activities, with clean lines and a subtle image so that it could be matched with various other new outdoor designs. The purpose was also to enhance the practicality of patio furniture sets by combining the use of the coffee table with the possibility to use it as a tray and, alternatively, in a future possibility, as a cushion. There are two openings on the coffee table, forming a sort of track to house the two supports on the lower face of the tray. This locks the tray into the correct position and keeps it from sliding. This is useful for fixing the tray, once outside and resting on the table. The same openings can be used to insert the lower hooking of a cushion. A similar, larger and lower table, in varying sizes, has also been designed on the same original module and multiplied by four. Two parallel tracks are able to house one, two, three or four identical trays or cushions, in the preferred arrangement, using a single starting module. The two coffee tables (the high one and the low one), the tray and the cushion (the four pieces) form a little system that adapts to the different needs of the user.

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