Concreto Bench

Designer: Francesco Rota

Large bench. The Concreto series also includes a dining table. Bases: Graniglia sfumata (nuanced), Lias or Graniglia decorata (with decorations) fastened by a structure in a gloss-varnished stainless AISI 316, adjustable plastic spacers. Top: composed of five Graniglia sfumata (nuanced), Lias, or Graniglia decorate (with decorations) elements prositioned onto the base, aligned and held firm by steel elements existing onto the structure. Notes:  Tops composed by elements in Graniglia sfumata (nuanced) and Lias come all in the same colours, the ones in Graniglia decorata (with decorations) come in elements with different designed and colours. Graniglia and Lias are outdoor surfaces that are produced with a mix of limestone and clay and can be without decoration (Graniglia) or decorated with a modern micro-mosaic (Lias). This product can be used also in interior environments. We advise to use a Winter Set protection cover.

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